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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

My Review On Eat Keenwa Krunch.

Disclaimer: Eat Keenwa Sent me 3 bags of Krunch to try in return for my honest return.

                                                                 My Review
Eat Keenwa sent me 3 different flavors to try the flavors they sent me are, Coconut Cranberry Cashew, Cinnamon Banana Strawberry and Vanilla Almond Raisin. These were all really good. The coconut cranberry cashew had a really strong coconut flavor with an hint of cranberry, They also had a very buttery finish. Cinnamon banana strawberry was my favorite out of the three. Right off the bat its chewy and has a really strong flavor of banana with a little hing of strawberry and cinnamon, Very delicious!! The vanilla Almond Raisin was really good too! I didn't taste very much raisin i taste more of a nutty buttery flavor with a real crunch because of the almonds. you don't really taste the vanilla either maybe just a little hint but mostly it has an sweet nutty taste. This was my least favorite because it just was lacking in flavor but it was still very delicious just was my least favorite out of the three. I really love these i enjoy snacking on them because i know how good they are for me. They are all natural. They are also low in sodium which is great for me because I have high blood pressure. They are also dairy free so lactose intolerance people like me can still enjoy this amazing healthy snack.  The krunch is also great in yogurt or over milk like cereal. They are great to eat before you exercise to give you that extra little burst of engery and are very good for your body. what is also so amazing is that Eat Keenwa donates Krunch to the hungry For each product sold, The Keenwa Cause distributes a portion of resources and funds to farmers and scientists involved in quinoa research and production. In supporting the advancement of quinoa as a sustainable crop in the US and abroad, we are helping to feed the hungry around the world—and we’re starting from home. Tying in with the Community Food Bank’s effort to provide food, help, and hope to New Jersey, the Krunch we donate goes directly to the hungry and to helping them meet their food and nutrition needs. So if you want an amazing healthy snack to enjoy with no gilt and help out the community then definitely give Eat Keenwa Krunch a try you will fall in love with this tasty snack Like i did! 

Product Info

Vanilla Almond Raisin- A fusion of toasted quinoa flakes and organic quinoa crisps, our Vanilla Almond Raisin Quinoa Clusters have a truly unique and distinctive flavor. The combined crunchy texture of roasted almonds and whole grain quinoa is balanced with chewy, sweet raisins. A hint of sesame and a flavor blast off vanilla and honey top of this crave-worthy snack. And yeah, its only 110 calories!

Cinnamon Banana Strawberry-  Cinnamon Banana Strawberry Quinoa Clusters are a revitalizing, nut-free blend of whole grain quinoa, natural strawberries and crunchy bananas. The fusion of our golden quinoa crisps and toasted quinoa flakes provides an airy crunch, matched perfectly with chewy, all-natural strawberries and banana chips. A blast of honey and just a hint of cinnamon complete this crave-worthy snack. Oh and to top it off, it's only 100 calories!

Coconut Cranberry Cashew- At only a 110 calories, Coconut Cranberry Cashew is a mind blowing blend of whole grain quinoa, natural cranberries, soft, sweet coconut and buttery cashews. The fusion of our goldenquinoa crisps and toasted quinoa flakes provides an airy crunch, matched perfectly with chewy, all-natural cranberries. A blast of honey and just a hint of coconut complete this crave-worthy snack

Company Info

My brothers and I grew up living an active, healthy, fast-paced lifestyle. Surfing, snowboarding, and shooting each other with paintball guns. You know, standard teenage destruction.
I first became addicted to quinoa while I was in college, pursuing extracurricular activities, and hitting the gym. I noticed how powerful and energized I would feel while eating quinoa on a daily basis. I also knew quinoa was too good to keep secret and soon realized that I needed to create a quinoa snack that I could take with me anywhere. Something that was easy, portable, and fun to eat.
Soon thereafter, eatKeenwa Krunch was crafted, delivering a balanced sweetness and nutritious blast to your body. eatKeenwa Krunch contains quinoa crisps and flakes, sweet fruit, and crunchy nuts. It's 100% true energy and has an absolutely addictive taste and texture combination that we think you will thoroughly enjoy. 
We also made it our mission to redefine nutritional education in The United States and work to end global hunger by supporting the advancement of what the United Nations called "one of humanity's most promising crops." This led us to develop our social mission, The Keenwa Cause. For each product sold, we donate resources to the fight against world hunger and to support the development of quinoa as a sustainable crop.
Designed for a busy lifestyle, eatKeenwa Krunch charges your energy and powers your spirit without preservatives or artificial junk.
Blake Niemann - Founder 
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