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Monday, April 7, 2014

Mama Francesca Parmesan Cheese's Review.

Disclaimer: Mama Francesca sent me 6 Parmesan Cheese's and three t-shirts for free in return for my honest review. 

                                My Review
I was really excited when I got a chance to try Mama Francesca Parmesan cheese's because, My husband and I are huge Parmesan fans! My husband has part Italian in him so we love Pasta and eat a lot of it! So to try different flavor Parmesan cheese's was amazing! Mama Francesca's Parmesan cheese's were all very delicious!! The six flavors they sent me to review are  Parmesan & Romano,Parmesan  Basil & Oregano, Parmesan & Red Pepper,Parmesan Asiago Romano,Classic Parmesan and Parmesan & Garlic. All of them have such great flavor and taste so fresh. I would have to say that my favorite would be the Parmesan and Red Pepper. It has the perfect flavor and gave my spaghetti the perfect amount of heat and flavor. They all are amazing but that one  stuck out to me the most! all Their cheeses are aged perfectly.  Their cheeses come in blends that are flavorful, unique and delicious that's what i love so much about Mama Francesca's Parmesan cheeses. I have never seen any other flavor Parmesan cheeses in stores so it was an joy to try these. My husband absolutely loved them all as well.We choose these over regular Parmesan any day it just boosts the flavor to our dishes! Thanks Mama Francesca for giving us new forever product! If you love Parmesan cheese as much as me then I definitely recommend you pick up some of mama Francesca's Parmesan cheeses you will fall in love too!

Company Info 

Mama Francesca believed that meals are about more than just sustenance. They are an experience and an emotion. Why put it into words, when it can be said much more eloquently with basil, tomatoes, or Parmesan? That’s why we choose cheeses aged for the right amount of richness and flavor, and pursue the perfect blends of cheese and spice. We want to make sure you don’t just taste your food. We want you to feel it with your heart and soul. Welcome to the family.

Where To Buy?


GiantPic n Save
Stop n ShopMariano's
Martin'sTonys Finer Foods
Food MaxxCaputo's
Harris TeeterIngles
MitchellSam's Club (IL, WI, MI)
Food MaxxRaley’s
Bel AirNob Hill Foods
Milam’s Markets

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