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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My Review On Vermont Brownie Company. om

Disclaimer: Vermont Brownie Company sent me an sampler box of there brownies a total of 6 for free in return for my honest review!

                                 My Review
I was so excited when i got a yes to review Vermont Brownie company's gourmet brownies! I love brownies and love to try new flavor brownies every chance i get. Vermont Brownie company sent me 6 different flavors of brownies the 6 flavors I got are Walnut Chunk, Maple Toffee Crunch,Peanut Butter, Signature,Blondie and Espresso Dulce de Leche. All the brownies were so delicious! My favorites were the Peanut Butter and the Maple Toffee Crunch! The peanut butter had great flavor you can taste a lot of peanut butter. The Maple Toffee Crunch taste mostly like a chocolate toffee crunch The toffee crunch on top was amazing! The walnut crunch was really good too, It had a very walnut flavor! Signature just taste like a normal brownie but was still very delicious! The Blondie was really good it taste like a light chocolate it was actually very different but delicious! I really enjoy all there brownies they all taste very fresh and had very good flavor! I would definitely repurchase these brownies They have other flavors as well such as apple Blondie, mint pattie, dark chocolate and White Chocolate Raspberry. I would love to try the Mint pattie and raspberry brownies Im sure they are just as delicious as the rest. I love how Vermont brownie company makes all their brownies from scratch using farm fresh ingredients. They are always natural and preservatives free. So it feels good to know that when you eat their brownies you are not eating junk which is amazing! If you want to buy really delicious fresh brownies then i definitely recommend buying or gifting from Vermont brownie company! You will love their brownies!! :]

Product Info

Signature Brownie

Dark, dark, dark chocolate inside and that perfect crackly top on the outside (we hear all of those antioxidants are very good for us). There's more, we couldn't help ourselves from breaking off chunks of bittersweet chocolate and adding a little sea salt. Choose from four different box designs! Dozens come all wrapped up with a beautiful bow

Walnut Chunk Brownie

The newest addition to our brownie family... Walnut Chunk. A classic done Vermont Brownie style... loaded with fresh walnuts and topped with bittersweet chocolate chunks and sprinkles of sea salt. Choose from four different box designs! Dozens come all wrapped up with a beautiful bow.

Maple Toffee Crunch Brownie

The name says it all. Well, actually... there's one more thing. The toffee is homemade with pure Vermont maple syrup. Mmmm! Choose from four different box designs! Dozens come all wrapped up with a beautiful bow.

Peanut Butter Brownie

Ahhh...that classic combo, peanut butter and chocolate. But we've really stepped it up
by using all-natural peanut
giving each brownie that irrisistible peanut buttery flavor. A match made in heaven!
 Choose from four different box
designs. Dozens come wrapped with a beautiful bow.

Espresso Dulce de Leche Brownie

This high octane combo could have you singing from Vermont's highest peak.
We grind up Green Mountain
Coffee Roasters Dark Roast Espresso and swirl in a thick layer of Dulce de Leche
(homemade milk caramel).
 And if that isn't enough, we top it off with fresh espresso beans and sea salt.
Choose from four different box
designs! Dozens come wrapped with a beautiful bow.


Introducing our golden new addition to the Vermont Brownie line... Triple Chunk
Blondies! With all the delicious
goodness you expect from a Vermont Brownie, these buttery bars blend the
comforting taste of brown sugar with
oversized chunks of rich, Belgian chocolate - white, milk, and dark. One bite and
you'll be hooked! Choose from
 four different box designs. Dozens come wrapped with a beautiful bow.

Company Info

I wish that we could say that one of us had a secret family recipe handed down from 
generation to generation. 
Or that we spent hours in the kitchen with grandma baking brownies from scratch. 
Unfortunately, that's not our 
story but it would have made a good one.
Vermont Brownie Company was born on New Years Day 2008. We had just finished 
snowshoeing and were warming 
up at a local pizza place. And we were doing what a lot of people do on New Years Day,
 DREAMING! We both 
mentioned how great it would be to start our own company. But we both knew the
 reality of getting a business
 off the ground included long hours and a special commitment in order to create 
something worthwhile and long
 lasting. One thing we knew for sure was it had to be fun! We had a tough time 
coming up with something more
 fun than brownies.
That's when we set off on our journey to create a company that would help
 support our local community and make
 people everywhere feel good. That meant putting our aprons on and getting 
to work. We baked dozens and dozens
 of brownies until we came up with the perfect recipe! I have to tell you, our 
friends and family loved this process.
 But it's actually kind of funny...you would think that tasting all of those brownies
 would be a real treat, but it's 
actually a bit much after a while. That's of course until we came up with the brownie
 that would be our "Signature" 
Vermont Brownie Company brownie. That one we could eat every day! Not too cakey,
 not too fudgy - just right.
Maybe it's all that intense chocolate flavor baked into one perfect square.
 Whatever it is, a fresh-baked brownie
 is the ultimate comfort food.
We take your love of brownies to a whole new level. Pairing gourmet chocolate 
with local farm-fresh ingredients,
 we promise a taste adventure to savor.
We know what an active lifestyle you lead. It can be hard to find time to treat 
yourself. So go on, grab a Vermont
 Brownie Company brownie and a comfy chair, and simply relax.
 Our brownies are perfect for a moment all 
about you.

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  1. just ordered overnight shipping for my Dad for fathers day Friday for Saturday or Sunday delivery. I ordered 10 am Friday morning. Payed 30 dollars (overnight shipping) Weekend came a gone no brownies. I called Monday morning was told I missed the cut off time and there closed Saturday Sunday the items where never shipped. The customer service lady was not only condescending but over talked and gave really bad excuses. If there is a special occasion in ones life I would not put these people in charge of it.