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Monday, April 7, 2014

Kuranda Cat Tower Review

Disclaimer: Kuranda sent me an two tier cat tower and two deluxe fleece pads for free in return for my honest review. 

                                    My Review
I was so excited when I got an yes to review the two tier cat tower from Kuranda, because I have two cats that love to sun bathe by the window. Well my kitchen table is by the window that's the only space we had to put it in our house. My cats wanted to be by the window so they would always lay on the table to sun bathe. My husband and I hated that because there would always have hair on our kitchen table so we were constantly cleaning the table multiple   times a day. So i knew that the Kuranda bed would be the perfect solution because there is the perfect little space right in front of the window that the cat tower would fit perfect. When we got the cat tower it was already installed and ready to go right out of the box. We set it in the window and the cats instantly were drawn to it! They jumped on it and started sniffing it. My oldest cat jumped off right away he wasn't too sure about it, But my youngest cat curled up in a little ball and fell asleep it was too cute! After a couple of days my oldest cat started to use it as well. We now don't have the problem with the table anymore. They are always on the cat tower sun bathing and never get on the table anymore! I knew the cat tower would do the trick. My husband and I are so happy! My cats are in love with The Kuranda cat tower they are on it all the time day and night! What i love is Kuranda also sent over two fleece covers for the cat towers so its very soft for my cats so they nap very comfortable on it. It is also so easy to just tie and untie the covers on and off so it makes it easy for me to just throw then in the washer to wash them. I'am so glad I was able to find my cats a great place to nap or relax! The Kuranda bed is also very well made and very sturdy. My oldest cat bebop is 17 lbs hes a huge cat and he also fits on it and hasn't broken it. My youngest cat is 9 lbs so together there weight in total is 26 lbs and it is still standing so it holds a lot of weight which is amazing! They also have an one tier cat bed and you can get up to 9 tiers. So if you have multiple cats you can customize your tower to how many cats you have which is awesome!  What is also so amazing about this company is that they give you an option to donate an dog or cat bed to an shelter of your choice. They have an donation section on their site with all information on how to donate a bed. so if you want to give your cat/cats an wonderful place to sleep i definitely recommend Kuranda for all your bed needs. They also have dog beds as well for all size dogs! So definitely go check them out to spoil your fur babies! :]

                                                              Product Info
The Kuranda Cat Tower is a great way to provide exercise and amusement for cats. Providing this active play area with great look out spots relieves stress and boredom for indoor cats. The staggered levels provide cozy nooks that help provide privacy and reduce conflict between cats. The tower is designed with more weight at the bottom to keep it secure from tipping. The Furniture Grade PVC frame and solid vinyl fabric is durable and easy to wipe clean.

  • Multi levels provides exercise and amusement for cats
  • Relieves stress and boredom for indoor cats
  • Weighed bottom prevents tipping
  • Provides great lookout spots with a choice of perch
  • The Furniture Grade PVC frame and solid vinyl fabric is durable and easy to wipe clean
  • Comes with Kuranda 1 year warranty
  • All parts and fabrics are replaceable
  • Heights range from 2 to 9 levels
  • Sizes:
    • 2 tier - 16" wide x 21" long x 16" high
    • 3 tier - 30" wide x 21" long x 16" high
    • 4 tier - 30" wide x 21" long x 26" high
    • 5 tier - 30" wide x 21" long x 36" high
    • 6 tier - 30" wide x 21" long x 46" high
    • 7 tier - 30" wide x 21" long x 56" high
    • 8 tier - 30" wide x 21" long x 66" high
    • 9 tier - 30" wide x 21" long x 76" high

Company Info 

Kuranda USA is a small manufacturing company established in 1987 and based in
 Annapolis, Maryland. 75% of our business is making and selling dog beds. 
We also make hand operated water pumps and a device which removes water 
from tennis courts and ball fields. In the late 1980’s we manufactured a circular 
dog bed designed in Australia. It was an excellent bed but was costly to make and ship. 
We discontinued manufacture of the circular bed in 1995 when we designed our original
 rectangular dog bed (the RDB) which was an immediate hit. We introduced the poly 
resin bed in 1998. In 2003 we came out with the aluminum version of the poly resin bed. 
The Kuranda Wooden Bed was introduced in December 2004.
Kuranda USA, Inc.
796 Cromwell Park Dr
Suite A
Glen Burnie, MD 21061
Phone 410-761-9551
Fax 410-761-9555
Toll free 800-752-5308
Toll free from US & Canada 800-494-7122

                                  Where To Buy

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  1. Wow! I hope I have the same luck as you! My bunch are always on my kitchen table (not anywhere near a window) and on my countertops that are under two big windows. I'll be getting the 9 tier tower. I hope it does the trick! Thank you for posting such precious pictures. :-) xoxox