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Monday, February 3, 2014

My Review On Social Book.

Disclaimer: I received a My Social Book a 60 dollar value for free in return for my honest review!    

                                    MY REVIEW

I was excited to be able to work with social book, I'am really big on memories and I save everything from pictures, cards, letters. So when I was able to make a social book with all my info from Facebook I was so excited. Social book takes all your statues, comments, pictures from your Facebook from certain dates and  puts it into a hardcover book. Now I can go back and read years down the road what happen in which year which is amazing, I don't have any kids yet but when I do have some I can now share this with them when they get old enough! I also cant wait to share it with my family members as well! I just absolutely love this concept and am so happy I was able to make one. I wish I could of added more pages so I had more years to look back on. But I'am grateful I have what i have. If you guys are big on memories like me I would definitely  check out My Social Book. You definitely wont regret it! I will cherish my book for forever! Thank you so much My Social Book for letting me work with you!


Likebooks is the first company to offer Facebook users the option of placing their social network activity into a book. Likebooks has sold thousands of books worldwide and was the 2012 Rio Info winner in the startup category in São Paulo, Brazil. Likebooks specializes in printing data from social networks.

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