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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My Review On Koma Unwind Relaxation Drink.

Disclaimer: I receive 6 cans of original koma unwind drinks and 6 cans of sugar free. I also received 4 original relaxation shots and 4 sugar free shots for free for my honest review in return! 

                                                         MY REVIEW
My husband and I really enjoyed the Koma unwind relaxation drinks. We both drink one before bed and 30 minutes later we were ready to fall asleep. They definitely relax you. It tastes like grape soda without all the sugar. I really like the taste of them! I can see myself drinking one of these every night before bed to help me get a good night sleep. I slept like a baby that night. My husband said he slept really good as well. My husband tried the shot and 20 minutes after he took the shot he was nodding off to sleep while watching TV. He did say he did not like the flavor of the shot he said it taste gross but it was worth it cause it really worked and made him super tired. They contain Valerian root that helps you with anxiety, stress,restlessness,and insomnia. It also has melatonin. which tells our bodies when to sleep. Those two ingredients help this drink to work so well. I'm in love! May just have to buy more. If you have trouble are sleeping I think you should definitely give Koma unwind relaxation drink a shot. It really helped me and my husband and I a lot so i don't doubt it will help you out too. :]


Koma is a product of Bebida Beverage Company, an innovative beverage company dedicated to making products aimed towards significantly important target markets within the United States, as well as, Latin America and abroad.  We are committed to increasing our company’s size and scope through unique  marketing and most importantly customer satisfaction through cutting edge new products. The new "chillaxation drink" developed to help calm you mind, body, and soul. Koma Unwind is a lightly carbonated multi-berry (grape, raspberry, & strawberry to be exact) flavored product, and is the newest addition to the relaxation beverage industry.On August 11, 2009, Bebida Beverages Company and its KOMA UNWIND brand announced the final can design and flavors had been chosen and a September full production was immediately scheduled for the brand new "Chillaxation Drink."  Upon the purchase of Bebida Beverages, CEO Brian Weber had made early on changes to the product portfolio and the direction of the company for the future growth, prosperity and increased shareholder value. Currently Koma Unwind is predominately found online through our store or others such as Amazon.com.  Soon our beverages will be in a retail location near you! If the store you visit doesn't carry our products, please take the time to inform management that you would appreciate if they would contact their local distributor to begin supplying Bebevco products or let us know where you would like to see it so we can get it there. The relaxation or "anti-energy" drink category is new to the beverage industry. This type of drink is dedicated to helping consumers achieve a level of relaxation without the use of pills or alcohol. BeBevCo is excited to introduce their own prestigious brand of relaxation beverage through Koma Unwind and Koma Unwind shots. These drinks are predicted to be a huge success and redefine relaxation.

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