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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My Review On GoVida Freeze-Dried Fruit Mixes!

Disclaimer: Govida sent me 5 sample size bags of Govida fruit mixes for free in return for my honest review!

                                     MY REVIEW
I love fruit so i was excited I got to try products from GoVida. They sent me 5 sample bags in the flavors Strawberry and dulce de leche, Banana and raspberries,Grapes and Pineapples,Apple covered in Maqui Berry powder, and Lychee. I really love the  Strawberry and dulce de leche, Banana and raspberries and grapes and pineapple. I didn't care too much for the apples covered in maqui berry powder cause they taste too much like apples and i don't like apples. I never have tried Lychee so i didn't know what to expect they were okay but i didn't care for the flavor. I really enjoyed this a lot. They are very healthy for you so i was able to snack worry free. They are high in vitamins and antioxidants and under 80 calories. They have no added sugar no additives  or preservative  Just real fruit without water. They are also soy, nut, and gluten free as well.  These are very tasty even though they are freeze dried they still taste fruity and delicious. I also tried some on my yogurt one morning and it gave my yogurt an extra yummy touch! You can also try it on salad and even ice cream. I definitely will have to buy more bags cause i really enjoyed these a lot! You should definitely give them a try you will love them too!

The secret Vida uses is a technique called freeze-drying. That removes water naturally without chemicals,locking in the fruits naturally without chemicals, locking in the fruits nutrients,vitamins and minerals. So you get all the wonderful benefits of raw fruit with extra crunch. They have exotic combinations from around the world and unparalleled nutritional benefits in less then 100 calories. Power packed with vitamin C Nothing added just pure fruit. Comes in single served packs lock in freshness and maximize portability. Great for snacking, Lunchboxes, post-gym workouts or as a favorite topping. 100% natural, no artificial colors and guilt free! 

                             Where To Buy?
GoVida was so nice and is providing my blog readers with a 20% discount code. Code: blog20