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Saturday, February 22, 2014

My Review On Dippin Chips

Disclaimer: Dippin Chips sent me 6 full size bags of chips for free in return for my honest review.

                                    My Review
Dippin chips sent me 2 bags of each of their flavor chips Quinoa Black Sesame,Veggie Carrots, Kale, Spinach and Veggies, Black Bean and Red bean. I really enjoyed these chips a  whole lot! I ate them with salsa and dip they were so delicious! They are just as good straight out of the bag as well. My favorite flavor was the veggie they had such amazing flavor! I found that the other two didn't have much flavor they just taste like regular tortilla chips. I loved how they didn't break apart when i scooped dip on them like other chips do. I also love that the bags are resealable so they don't go stale as fast. I really enjoyed these chips so much I actually prefer the Veggie flavor over an regular tortilla chip and would choose them over the others any day! I really think you should give Dippin chips a try I think you will love them!! I know I do! :]

                                  Product Info

Party’tizers Super Grains Dippin’ Chips™ are uniquely designed dippable tortilla chips made with certified gluten-free ingredients. Our recipe starts with US home grown corn and a blend of delicious grains, quinoa, amaranth & black sesame seeds. We challenge you to try them with or without a dip. We love them both ways!!!

                                Company Info

It all started with a party…
There were close friends, family and good music; but something was missing, the appetizers… They were the same old, boring finger-foods. We needed a new snack to get the party started!
That’s why we created Party ‘tizer Dippin’ Chips™. Now you can bring the deli to your party by complementing your favorite fresh deli dips with Dippin’ Chips™.
Our chips are made with the finest ingeredients and designed to give you the perfect amount of dip with no mess. You know what that means… no more double-dipping! We even love them on their own!
Explore your inner foodie by creating unique dip and chip pairings that fit your personality and taste. Make your hors d’oeuvres the talk of every party with Dippin’ Chips™. Life’s a party – dip it up, snack it down.

                               Where To Buy?
You can buy Dippin chips from grocery stores such as Sam's, Costco,Harris Teeter ect. 



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