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Sunday, February 2, 2014

My Review on Bella Viva California's Organic Fruit Crate!

Disclaimer: I received one organic fruit crate an $35.00 from Bella Viva for free in return for my honest review.

                                                MY REVIEW

I was so happy when I got a chance to try some dried fruit from Bella Viva because I'am a huge fruit Fan! I love almost all fruits very few I dont like. I recieved a crate gift set that included dried apples, dried nectarines, dried pears and dried peaches. I really enjoyed them all but my favorites were the dried apples and the nectarines.The fruit taste so good. I did find that they had a kinda of a rubbery texture/very chewy. But Still they were very delicious. I really enjoyed them the flavor of the fruit burst in my mouth. I'am so glad I got to try these out If you like fruit I really think you should order some dried fruit from Bella Viva You will really enjoy it.

Bella viva was very kind to give all my readers a discount code to use to buy some of there amazing products the discount code is Stacey and is good thru 1/21/14- 3/21/14 and will get you 10% off your order!! :]


Farming the rich soil of the Central Valley is a Martino family tradition Bella Viva carries out with pride. We produce and sell exceptional fresh and dried fruit, nuts and chocolate to loyal customers at our stands in northern California's celebrated farmer's markets, in select restaurants and to our online customers across the country.

Named for our daughters, Vivian and Belle, Bella Viva means beautiful long life in Italian. The name captures the essence of Bella Viva Orchards and all we at Bella Viva aim to provide for our customers.

Quality is of utmost importance to us here at Bella Viva. Growing the fruit that we dry and market enables us to have complete control over the fruit quality from the initial growing phase on through the final packaging and delivery.

To our long-time customers, we say welcome back. To our new ones, we say welcome home to Bella Viva.

                           Where To Buy!!

You can buy this organic fruit crate, other gifts, dried fruit, nuts, and chocolate at http://www.bellaviva.com. Also like them on FACEBOOK and you can also find them on YOUTUBE!!! :]


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