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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

My Review on the site influenster!

This is my review on the site Influenster (www.influenster.com)

I love influenster I joined back in July of 2011, I have received 4 boxes to try products and write reviews on the products, This site basically you have to unlock badges and based on the badges you unlock if you are selected you get a box of products to test and review based on that badge. Then after you test out all the products  you do simple little task to unlock the brand challenges such as write a review,post a picture, like there Facebook page, and write a blog or make a video. Then if you do all the brand challenges you get a chance to win prizes. How cool and easy is that. And its all for FREE!! No monthly cost none of that. Can you say AMAZING??? I CAN!! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! Love love it! They also just redid there website, Its so pretty and they added a lot of cool new things. I love it! The only thing i don't love about it is if you was a member already you gotta re unlock badges Bummer but its okay. Gives me more stuff to do on the site!!
If you are not a member yet PLEASE JOIN!! YOU WONT REGRET IT! I PROMISE!! I SURE DON'T !  

Here's the site:


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