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Friday, February 14, 2014

My Review On Fave Juice.

Disclaimer: I received 3 Full size juices for free in return for my honest review! 


                                 My Review
I love juice so I was excited to get a chance to try out Fave Juice! Fave sent me 3 full size juices in the flavors Strawberry Banana Kiwi, Orange tangerine pineapple and pomegranate Blueberry Goji. I really loved the Strawberry Banana  Kiwi and Orange Tangerine pineapple! I didn't care too much for the Pomegranate Blueberry Goji at all my husband either. I love that these juices are a lot healthier for you then other juices on the market. You can tell that they are not full of sugar like other juices, They don't taste way too sugary like most do. They also have less sodium content then most juices on the market.  Fave only has 35-40 mg of sodium, only 60 calories, has 3.5 grams of veggie/fruit servings, 3.0 veggie servings and 100% juice content. I am so happy i got a chance  to try fave juices because now i found a healthier juice to add to my diet. I know that me and my nieces and nephews are getting their veggies and fruits with this juice which is amazing since most kids don't like veggies and fruits it's a great way to get them to consume them. I also love that the fave juices are all natural and bottled in the USA! You guys should definitely give fave juice a try I think you will love them especially knowing that you and your kids are drinking healthier. :]


FaveTM is all-natural, 100% vegetable and fruit juice. 

Our scientists found a way for Fave to provide THREE full servings of 

vegetables in each 8-ounce glass  with only 60 calories! 

Fave contains no artificial ingredients and no added sweeteners of any kind - 

no preservatives, no artificial sweeteners, no HFCS (High Fructose Corn 


 just delicious vegetable and fruit juice. 

Fave also has the antioxoidant power of vitamins A & C.

We think we have created a terrific beverage that is good for breakfast and all 

day long - for the whole family.

Our headquarters are in Middletown, New Jersey - but we bottle Fave in 

Northern California, and we manage our business from Michigan - so we are all 
over this great country.

Fave will be sold at supermarkets and other food stores in the juice aisle. If 

your store does not carry Fave, please ask them to order some ... we believe you 

will love this brand!



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