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Thursday, June 12, 2014

My review on Fruit 66 juice.

Disclaimer: Fruit 66 sent me 22 cans of there juices for free in return for my honest review. 

                                    My Review

I was so excited to try fruit 66 sparkling and regular juices, because i'am a huge juice lover. I always buy juice at the store for neices and myself. Fruit 66 was so genreous and sent me 22 cans of there juice. The flavors they sent me were, 3 cans of Strawberry melon 100% juice, 3 cans of Sparkling Juice Epic RED Strawberry Melon, 3 cans of `100% juice Passionfruit Mango,3 cans of 100% sparkling juice PURPLE Black Cherry, 3 cans of 100% Juice Tropical Punch, 3 cans of 100% sparkling juice Lemon-Lime, 3 cans of 100% sparkling juice YELLOW Passionfruit Mango and 3 cans of 100% Juice Mixed Berry. The 100% juice Strawberry Melon was very yummy it tasted like strawberry watermelon. The 100% Sparkling juice Epic Red Strawberry Melon tasted like a carbanated Strawberry Watermelon Juice. 100% Juice Passionfruit mango had a strong taste of mango and just a little hint of passion fruit but mostley mango! 100% sparkling juice PURPLE black cherry taste like a carbanated black cherry juice this one was very yummy! 100% juice Tropical Punch Taste like tropical punch very delicious this was my favorite juice out of the bunch! 100% sparkling juice GREEN lemon-lime taste like a yummy mixture of lemon-lime it reminds me of the halloween witches brew that we make every year for halloween, LOVE LOVE! 100% sparkling juice YELLOW passionfruit mango taste like a carbanated mango. I rather this flavor to not be carbanated it just didn't agree with my stomach. 100% juice Mixed Berry. Taste like mixed berries I didn't care for it too much, But it was my little cousins favorite out of the bunch! All of these juices were so delicious! My family and I really enjoyed drinking them! They didnt  last very long in the house!If you have kids in your house or really enjoy juice as much as i do or you have a kid party or family get together. I really reccommend picking up some fruit 66 juices for your guest! They and You will fall in love with these juices!

                               PRODUCT INFO

fruit 66 provides 100% All Natural Frui
t Juice:
  • Non-carbonated drinks with 100% Real Juice
  • Refreshing flavors:
  • Mixed Berry, Passion Fruit Mango, Strawberry Melon, Tropical Punch
  • Great taste
  • Part of a balanced meal or a healthy snack
  • Provides for 2 servings of fruit
  • 100% RDA Vitamin C, 10% RDA Calcium, Vitamins A & D

The most EPIC all Natural 100% carbonated juice
brought to you by Fruit 66
  • Great taste
  • Refreshing flavors:
  • Black Cherry, Passion Fruit Mango, Strawberry Melon, Lemon Lime
  • Provides for 2 servings of fruit
  • As much FIBER as half an orange
  • As much of the electrolyte Potassium as half a banana
  • 100% RDA Vitamin C, 10% RDA Calcium, Vitamins A & D


                                                                                                         COMPANY INFO         

This isn’t our first time bringing drinks to the party. We created the whole sparkling juice thing in 1999 in Richmond, Virginia. That’s when our founder Bill Hargis and a partner started a drink called the Switch.
That drink was cool in the 20th century, but today people want healthier drinks with less calories and more REAL juice, vitamins and nutrients. Bill traveled the nation’s roads, talking with school nutritionists, parents and health-conscious organizations, then used what he learned to create Fruit 66 – a drink with all natural 100% real juice that is naturally low in calories but has key vitamins and nutrients that our bodies really need. Kids love it, schools want it, and everyone is asking their grocery stores to carry it.
We are the originators of the sparkling juice category and continue to expand our offerings of healthy, nutritious beverages to meet the needs of our consumers.
People ask us what happened with the other juice. Well, Bill’s partner left the company in 2002. Bill grew the company where millions of people liked the drinks. In fact, a big Texas investor group liked the company so much that in 2006 they took it over.
And Bill? He is having more fun than ever making a better sparkling juice and other juices that meet the needs of his customers. And with Fruit 66 he is giving back to the community by donations to worthwhile causes throughout the country. That helps us all get to a healthier place.

Our Mission

Our company name is 4u2u Brands, which reflects our mission and our unique approach. We first find out what products you, our consumers, want (4u -- "for you"). Then we research what it will take to provide a product that meets your needs (2u -- "to you").
We make sure that our products are all natural. We fine tune the juice mixes to get a great taste and the lowest calorie count possible. Every drink we make is refreshing and delicious -- they have to taste great! We also make sure that we have real vitamins and nutrients in our drinks. We don’t create any potions that are filled with caffeine or sugar to provide false energy, and we don’t add ingredients that promise mysterious untested powers of relaxation, knowledge or stamina. We just use what nature has provided to make sure you get what you want.
The road to health and nutrition can be found in Fruit 66.

                                         WHERE TO BUY?
You can also buy them in stores near you!

This isn’t our first time 
The road to health and nutrition can be found in


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