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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

My Review On Farm Rich Products.

Disclaimer:Farm Rich sent me 4 free product coupons for free in return for my honest review!

                                  MY REVIEW

I was very happy to get to try some of Farm Richs products. The 4 products that I picked up were Chili Cheese Bites, Breaded Mushrooms, Toasted Ravioli and Mozzarella Bites. My favorites out of the 4 were Toasted Ravioli and Chili Cheese Bites. The Chili Cheese bites were very cheesey, but were still very delicious! just wish they had more chili flavor. The Toasted Ravioli was my favorite they taste just like mozzarella sticks the first time we made them we baked them, they were good baked but oh my goodness so much better fried! We heated up some marinara sauce and dipped the toasted ravioli in it. The marinara sauce made the toasted raviolis taste even better! amazing The mozzarella bites were ok. They would have been a lot better if the cheese wasn't so stiff and was a little more looser. My husband and I still really enjoyed them and they didn't last long in the house. The breaded mushrooms were the least of my husbands and I's favorite. We honestly didn't care for them at all. We thought that they tasted a little watery and bland, I think if they had a little more flavor they would have tasted a lot better. Overall Farm Rich is a good snack/appetizer food line. If you want to have some quick snacks in your freezer then I think you should give Farm Rich products a try!

                           PRODUCT INFO


Our Farm Rich Mozzarella Bites are similar to our famous Cheese Sticks. In fact, they’re cousins. But they are a little bit different. For one, the cheese is surrounded by soft pizzeria dough, making it a tiny pillow of cheesy goodness. And the second thing is, they are, in fact, bite-sized, which is great for you.
- Made with 100% real mozzarella cheese
- Authentic pizza crust
- Good source of calcium and protein
- 0g trans fat per serving
- Microwaveable
- Also comes in a 44 oz value pack


Practically everyone likes a good breaded mushroom. So we’re pretty sure you’re going to love ours. Farm Rich Mushrooms, whether you fry them or stick them in the oven, are out of this mushroom world. They’ll remind you of the ones you gushed over in a restaurant, only the table you’ll serve these on will be your own! 
- Whole white button mushrooms
- Delicious breading
- Seasoned to perfection
- 0g trans fat per serving


Ahh... Venice... Hold on a sec, you're not in Italy; you're in your kitchen! It must be our soon-to-be household favorite, Toasted Ravioli. These lightly breaded treats surround a small pocket of mouth-watering four-cheese ravioli. Of course we don't actually think you'll think you're in Italy, but we do know that anyone you serve these pasta snacks to will think you're a culinary genius. And we agree!

No descrisption on farm rich's product website.

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