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Monday, May 12, 2014

Review on Candy Japan.

Disclaimer: Candy Japan sent me an envelope with three different kind of Japanese candies for free in  return for my honest review. 

                              My Review
I was very excited to get to review for Candy Japan. I love Japan and everything about it and the culture keeps my attention. Japan are known for there candy and snacks. They have some very unique items. Candy Japan is an subscription You pay 25 dollars a month and get 2 envelopes a month you get 2 to 6 items each month. It comes straight from japan which is also pretty cool. In my candy envelope i got the kurukuru takoyaki It is an diy candy kit, Sakura Mochi and Anpanman pero pero choco. The kurukuru takoyaki was very fun to do. At first i thought it was going to be so gross cause when my husband and I was making it. It didn't smell very tasty! But to our surprise it wasn't that bad at all. It actually tasted like hot dogs with a sweet sauce on top. I absolutely loved it! It was very different and fun to make. The Sakura Mochi was pretty good as well. It taste chocolaty with a gummy texture in the inside it had a very sweet taste very delicious! The Anpanman pero pero choco was good too it basically was an chocleant sucker very tasty! :] i really enjoyed all these treats. It was a joy to try new stuff from a different country especially an country i adore so much! So if you want to try some new Japanese candies definitely check out candy japan i'am sure you will have just as much fun as me trying new candy from japan. 

Product Info

Kurukuru Takoyaki-Ready for some Do-It-Yourself candy? This DIY kit is actually a kind of second, improved revision on one that we sent long ago. The biggest difference is that this one is not sweet, but actually very close in taste to real takoyaki.

Sakura Mochi- I think this one was quite delicious. Bottom is chocolate. Inside is "mochi gummy" (mochi is Japanese rice cake). On the top sakura (cherry blossom) mochi chocolate and sakura leaf powder.

Anpanman pero pero choco- Anpanman is one of the most popular anime characters among Japanese kids and has been going on in Japan since the 80s to today. The package is decorated with characters from the series and also the lolly itself has character imprints. The name means "Anpanman Lick Lick Chocolate".

                                    Company Info

My name is Bemmu, I am a Finnish expat in Japan and behind this service. Sometimes my wife Nachi helps out. We try to pick interesting candies to send to you each time so you can try things that are difficult to come by outside of Japan. We really hope you will enjoy trying them.Each month we will send as much candy as can fit in two standard Japanese envelopes. Expect to get at least 2 and up to 6 different candies each month.

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