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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

My Review On Polar seltzer Water.

Disclaimer: Polar  sent me 5 flavors of there  Seltzer water for free in return for my honest review. 

                                My Review

Polar sent me 5 different flavors of their Seltzer water. The flavors they sent me to try are Cherry Pomegranate, Orange Vanilla, Blueberry, Ruby Red Grapefruit and Granny Smith Apple. These waters had great flavors but i couldn't get over the seltzer taste to me it was just way to bitter. But if you love the seltzer taste then you will love these the flavoring they put in the water is powerful so you definitely taste the flavor which i love for that reason i was able to get passed the bitterness. I ended up sharing some of them with my friend and her husband and they absolutely loved them. I love how great these waters are for you. They have no calories,No sodium, No caffeine, No sugar and No carbs! Which is amazing. My little niece loved them as well. I love that they have no junk in them so she can have as much as she wants. These are also great if you are watching your weight you can have them while you workout instead of plain water which is super cool. They are definitely  better cold. The colder the better so i always added ice in mine to give it a even colder crisp taste. Overall Polar's Seltzer water are very good. I would recommended these to all seltzer lovers! what you waiting for go buy some today so you can fall in love with polar's water! 

Product Info


Our water is locally sourced, then triple-filtered using our state-of-the-art 
to ensure a consistent and purely refreshing taste. No sodium, fluoride, 
or minerals are added. This is what makes Polar Seltzer a health-smart
 hydration choice. 


Taste is what makes our seltzers special. We source the highest-grade 
flavors and aromas that are extracted and distilled from natural sources 
such as lemon peel, vanilla beans, mint leaves) and use generous
 amounts of these precious ingredients. We don’t skimp on quality 
when it comes to taste. They contain NO sugars, gluten, sodium, carbs 
or animal products. 


This is the sparkle. We’ve spent 130 years perfecting the process of
 packing zillions of tiny bubbles into water for long-lasting carbonation
 and great taste. Bubbles are created by dissolving Co2 into water at a 
temperature just above freezing at high pressure and without being 
contaminated by contact with oxygen. Other people add sodium or 
minerals or artificial sweeteners during this process, we don’t. Our 
seltzers will satisfy your cravings for bubbles without any of the guilt 
or calories.

                         Company Info

Four generations of the Crowley family have been crafting

 carbonated beverages in New England. And still today, 

100% natural Polar Seltzer remains the most health-smart, 

bubbly, thirst-squelching drink you will enjoy drinking.

Our great-grandfather Dennis Crowley loved making seltzer 
for friends and family. He crafted what he considered to be the 
world’s best-tasting bubble recipe. Back then, Polar Seltzer was 
made with just 3 things – pure water, the perfect amount of bubbles
 to tingle your taste buds, and the right touch of fruit flavor to satisfy 
cravings. Not much has changed in the past 130 years. Well…except, 
we now offer over 18 different varieties and we no longer deliver by 
horse and carriage.
Cheers, and thank you for your interest in Polar Seltzer. Be sure to also 
try our dry sodas, ginger ale, tonics and heritage products. Learn more, 
– Ralph, Christopher, David, Jeff & Carolyn

                    Where To Buy?
Our products are available at grocery stores, specialty 
gourmet markets and convenience stores throughout
 the Northeast and other parts of the country.

If you cannot find the products you like at a store near
 you please contact us to find the closest aviailable
 retailer to your location. We also recommend speaking 
with the store manager. Why?  Even though chains may
 carry our brand, individual store managers make the final
 decision on whether they are going to carry a specific
 flavor or size.  Talk to them, most of the time they listen.

Call  +508.749.2497

Personal Orders:
We will ship your beverage order via Federal Express 
ground shipping.  Cost will include the price of the case
 of soda plus ground Federal Express shipping to your 
desired location.

Also please check out this amazing company on Facebook and Twitter.


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