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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

My Review On Pet DMV.

Disclaimer: Pet DMV sent my cats each a drivers licenses set for free in return for my honest review! 

                                My Review
Pet DMV sent me a drivers licenses for each of my cats. When I opened them I was all smiles, They came out so cute!! They are perfect!! Each drivers license comes with a  key chain as well that you can put on your key ring or on your pets collar. The drivers licenses Number is your phone number and you also add your address. It also includes your pets birthday, weight and height and sex.  It also has a cute little saying at the bottom no catnip while driving! These drivers license are just the cutest idea ever! I love that i can stick them in my wallet and show them off. They are also great for if you pets get out and get lost you can show them around to see if anyone has seen them. Also if they get picked up by the pound you can have proof that its your pet!! I'am so glad i got to review these. Its a great concept and is so good to have. I think every pet owner should have one of these for safety reasons for your pets. They are not that expensive either for 19.95 you get the license and the a  key chain. That's not a bad price at all. If you own a pet definitely go order yours today!! :]

Product Info

The Officie Pet License! Get a Dog ID Tag that looks like a Driver's License for all 50 States. Your loved cat, dog, or any pet will get an authentic State Dog ID collar tag, along with a FREE Plastic personalized Pet ID. Additional pets only $9.95 at checkout. Get the most unique Pet ID Tag available.
Our Pet IDs and Dog Collar tags can be put on your keychain, on your Pet's collar, or keep as a spare Pet ID in your wallet. Design online in under 5 minutes, order print in 24 hours.
All across the nation pets and their owners are rushing to MyPetDMV.com to get their personalized Pet ID License Tag.

                                   Company Info

Dear Fellow Pets, My name is Monte, and I started My Pet DMV to help all of us get around a little bit easier. Too many of us for too long have had to hoof it wherever we go, and for those daring few that sneak out and drive without a license, well, many of you have had to hire expensive lawyers or worse… go to Pet Prison. As a young cat in the tough alleys of El Monte, California, I myself often hot-wired my neighbor’s car just to visit my sweetheart across the freeway.

One day my luck ran out. Trying to make my exit on the freeway, I started to cough up a hairball, lost control of the car and rolled it down an embankment. Luckily, no one was hurt, but I did use up one of my nine lives and I was quickly arrested by a Police K-9 unit. After a cat scan and a clean bill of health from the hospital, I was released on bail. But then my legal problems began. Charged with grand theft auto, reckless driving and driving without a license, I was looking at 5-10 years in a maximum security cat farm. I threw myself on the mercy of the court. Fortunately, the Judge was a cat lady, and I was lucky to walk away with 5 years probation and a community obligation to make the roads a safer place for all pets around the U.S.A.
The answer to my commitment to my fellow pets (and to keep me out of the Big Litter Box) is My Pet DMV. This website is the culmination of many years of hard work and determination (without opposing thumbs I might add). With My Pet DMV, you no longer have to worry about the long arm of the law pulling you over when you’re cruising around town. With your own State License from My Pet DMV not only are you good behind the wheel, but you can finally hit your favorite nightclubs and never have to worry about getting ‘carded! But remember… Pets don’t let Pets drive drunk! And for our older Pet Friends, more and more Pet Stores and Salons offer Senior Discounts you can now enjoy!

Whether you are a hamster, pony, parakeet or pug, at My Pet DMV we’re ready to help you get your license quickly and get you on the road. Tell all of your friends, and thank you for visiting MyPetDMV.com!

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