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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

My Review On Char Crust dry rubs.

Disclaimer: Char Crust  sent me two dry rubs for free in return for my honest review. 

                                    My Review

Char crust sent me two dry rubs to review in the flavors Roasted Garlic Peppercorn and Amazin Cajun. These dry rubs were amazing!!! They had very Delicious flavor. The back of the box says to drench the meat your cooking with the dry rub. So that's what i did and then i fried them in a non stick pan. They came out really yummy! They had a lot of juice. Char Crust made the pork chops so juicy! The Amazin Cajun was kind of Spicy. But had great flavor! The garlic Peppercorn was amazing it gave the pork chops such amazing flavor as well. My husband loves Garlic so he really enjoyed the garlic peppercorn the most! I rathered the Amazin Cajun. They are great dry rubs and My husband and I want to buy more to stock our seasoning cabinet! We want to try some of Char Crust's other flavors! We also want to try cooking steak with the dry rubs! That is what we are going to try next I'm sure it will be amazing! I think their dry rubs would also be great on BBQ! You can use them for so many different things Even use them in your homemade Marinade. That's what i love so much about Char Crust's dry rubs they come in handy in so many different ways! I have nothing negative to say about them unless you don't like spicy then i wouldn't get the Amazin Cajun but My husband and I love a little heat so we really enjoyed it! If you love to cook meat I would definitely give Char Crust's Dry rubs a try you will love how much flavor they have! :]

Product Info

Roasted Garlic Peppercorn- Now our best seller! Savory roasted garlic and fresh cracked peppercorns make music in your mouth. With added lilt of worcestershire and lavender, this symphonic sensation creates a crescendo of flavor with steak, lamb, fish (especially salmon), and roasted potatoes. Price: $5.49 each/4 oz.

Amazin Cajun- Spicy... sweet... seductive. Just like Louisiana herself. Enjoy our jazzy blend of piquant cayenne pepper, onion, garlic, oregano, and a melange of other Mardi Gras flavors. Bring the sublime heat of New Orleans to catfish, chicken, or shrimp, and let yourself be seduced. Price: $5.49 each/4 oz.

                                 Company Info

My dad's legendary Chicago steakhouse, Al Farber's, is where it all started in 1957. Thick prime steaks with sizzling charred crusts, bursting with juicy flavor, were the signature of our restaurant. When diners would literally beg to take our seasonings home, we knew we had a winner! That time and those flavors are captured in our two original dry rubs: Original Hickory Grilled (originally called just Char Crust®) and Roto Roast.
After Dad retired and closed the restaurant in 1977, we continued to make Char Crust® and Roto Roast dry rub seasonings, selling them to many restaurants in Chicago. As chefs took jobs in other cities, they took our dry rubs with them, and next thing you know, they were being used in restaurants all over the country. My father passed away in 1991, right around the time I met my future wife, Susan. On one of our first dates, I cooked chicken breasts with Char Crust® dry rub for her, and she was won over. Who knew that the way to a woman's heart was through her stomach! Within a year, we began working in earnest to build the brand of Char Crust®.
Have you ever brought a plastic bag or Tupperware® to a restaurant, asking to take home a special spice or sauce? No? I didn't think so. Well an incredible number of our restaurant customers told us that their customers were doing exactly that. This inspired us to add three new flavors and introduce our retail line in 1998. It was an immediate hit! Today, our Char Crust® dry rubs can be bought in every state of the country and in Canada.
Over the years we've added delicious new flavors to be used on all meats, fish, and even vegetables. But we still make our dry rubs like my father Nathan did... in small batches with premium ingredients. And of course, only Char Crust® "Seals in the Juices!®"
Enjoy and eat well!

                                                         Where To Buy?
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