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Sunday, March 30, 2014

My Review On Pet Box.

Disclaimer: Pet Box Sent me a cat box for free in return for my honest review. 

                              My Review

I have two cats Bebop and Chloe. I love to spoil them so when i got a chance to review Pet Box's Cat box i was so excited! When I got the box i brought it inside and set it on the couch. My cats instantly started sniffing it and nudging the box. Chloe knocked it on the floor she was nudging it so much. I sat on the floor and opened it and the cats had their heads all in the box it was too cute! They went crazy rubbing on everything and were very vocal! My cats loved this box so much. In my box I received Super Cat Catnip bags, A dragonfly toy, Clean Teeth gel, a cat nip banana toy, Two different bags of treats, a Kong refillable cat nip toy, and Super cat cat nip crumbles papers. My cats loved the banana and refillable toy! They went super crazy playing with them! When they were done they were drenching wet from their saliva! The gel worked really well with giving them fresher breath. They really enjoyed the dragonfly toy, At first they were scared of it but after a while they ended up attacking it as i moved it around. They went crazy over the cat nip bags, They both instantly went in the bag! My smallest cat Chloe took a cat nap in it. I loved that the bags were big cause my male cat Bebop is 17 lbs so hes a huge cat and he was able to fit in the bags perfectly. They bags didn't last very long Bebop ended up tearing them apart the next day. I still have two more bags since it came with four that i will let them enjoy on a later date. They had a blast! I crumbled the papers and threw them across the room and both cats took off after it! They then played it tossing it in the air with their paws it was a joy to watch them play with it too cute and funny! The treats they didn't eat. I guess because its grain free treats no idea but they wouldn't eat either of them which sucked, They just sniffed them and walked away. I do give them treats from the store so it could be cause their use to their other treats it was strange they didn't eat them. Even the box that the toys came in were a toy for them till i threw it out they would jump in and out of it and lay in it and rub up on it. They eventually started to fight on who would lay in it so i had to take it away ha ha. Pet box also has a dog box. You can get a cat or dog box every month for just 29 dollars a month. Which is not a bad price at all for all the stuff you get in the box. You can cancel at anytime as well if you don't like it. But I know you will love it! It wasn't only a blast for my cats but also an blast for me and my husband to watch them go crazy over all the great products! So if you are ready to spoil your fur baby definitely subscribe to PetBox!! Your pets will love you for it! :]

                                  Company Info
                   How PetBox Got Started
Led by a team of true animal lovers, PetBox provides preium products to the most discerning pet owners on a monthly basis. Founded in early 2013, PetBox was created to help pet owners discover healthy, premium brands at below retail prices. Founders Sean Conlon and Will Ford found themselves at pet stores at least once a week and found it difficult to identify which products fit their dogs’ exact needs. Conlon and Ford told each other that there had to be a better way – and they set out on a journey to help pet parents around the world.
PetBox officially launched its first website in April 2013 and packed the first round of shipments in Conlon’s garage in San Diego, California. With over 300 members signing up in the first month, Conlon and Ford knew they were on the right mission. Since April 2013, PetBox has grown to over 60,000 shipments in less than a year’s time and has built a team of passionate pet lovers who focus each day on finding the healthiest, coolest, newest and greatest pet products on the planet.

How PetBox is Different

What sets PetBox apart is that the member—not PetBox—chooses the items that go in their monthly box. During sign up, members fill out a pet profile that is designed to help the consumer shop for products that are tailored to the needs of their dog or cat. Members also have the option to be “surprised” each month with a curated collection of tailored products chosen by the PetBox team.

How PetBox Gives Back

Dedicated to all animals’ health and happiness, PetBox feeds a rescue animal for each box shipped, and partners with a variety of shelters and rescue programs to care for neglected animals throughout the country. Hosted on social media, the #PetBoxFridays program allows the social media community to nominate shelters to receive that week’s shipment of food and supplies. PetBox has teamed up with BOGO Bowl to supply hundreds of pounds of food to shelters and rescues each week.

Where To Buy?

Also please check out this amazing company on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

Petbox was so kind to offer an 10% coupon code for my readers! The code is STACEY


Product Pictures

Playing With Products

Cats in the bags


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