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Sunday, February 9, 2014

My Review on Nutryvitta!

Disclaimer: I received two different bags of banana chips, 2 dried bananas and Banana bars for free in return for my honest review!! 

                                                           My Review

I love banana's It's one of my favorite fruits, So when I had a chance to work with a company to do a review on all banana products I was excited! They sent me  two dried banana's These taste delicious! They were soft and sweet! These were my favorite out of all the products i received I also received some banana chips one bag with salt and one bag with cinnamon. I really loved the cinnamon banana chips they were very tasty, But I did not like the salty banana chips at all!! They made me gag. It just didn't settle very well with my stomach! I also did not care for the banana bars either which i got in the flavors traditional with sugar, zero sugar added and with cinnamon.I didn't like how the bar taste at all! But my cousin loved them a lot! So i passed them on to her! She ate them in a matter of two days! They didn't last long ha ha! So I guess it just goes by your preference of flavor, Just because i  don't like them don't mean you wont You may love them! Plus they are really good for you! It can help you to get your daily fruit in your body! I think you guys should definitely give them a shot and try their products You may fall in love! :]


The nutryvitta bar is pure 100% natural banana,no preservatives, no sugar and no gluten. They are innovative and high nutritious! The banana chips were originally created by indigenous communities in the Brazilian, Amazon, sold in city centers, where the banana is slicked thin and fried in vegetable  oil. It looks golden in color and its texture is fine and very crisp. Nutryvitta combine the original concept with modern and improved processes which preserves the original taste while improving the nutritional properties. The end result is delicious and healthy.  One ways Nuteyvitta differentiates from its competitors is that nutryvitta uses Cavendish banana's which in Brazil are called nanica. This type of banana has less calories then plantain for example, while at it has higher nutrients such as Potassium and Fiber. The great difference and the best aspect is that this type of banana is very tasty therefore much more popular among its consumers Nutry VITTA offers nuances and trends in the global market, processing and distribution of food in the line of natural products indispensable to all those who maintain healthy eating habits and strive for quality of life. Foods that are present from the Institutional spheres, represented by the School Food, Food Business and Hospital, as well as the Traditional Market in Wholesale and Retail.
With a considerable portfolio of food products, extracted from fruits, vegetables and legumes. Always striving for excellence in the maintenance of the genuineness of quality, from the planting and selection of raw materials to processing, packaging, transport, in short, to the point of sale placement.The only company in the market that is present throughout the supply chain and distribution to points of sale. What enables you to track and maintain full control of the entire trajectory of their products.Always focusing on adding value to products and functional nutritional retaining its original features and great taste – and hence its slogan “institutional NUTRITION WITH TASTE.”We have the best professionals in this promising and growing market. And the most IMPORTANT! Total bond and commitment with suppliers, customers and employees.Everything in Nutry VITA is made ​​with you in mind and healthy eating. More than a management and philosophy of life! Respect for quality of life and the environment is OUR COMMITMENT!Engaging efforts and exceeding all targets and market expectations.



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