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Thursday, February 6, 2014

My Review On Hanks Beverages.

Disclaimer: Hank's sent me 8 beverages for free in return for my honest review in return!                           

                                   My Review
Hank's sent me 6 beverages in the flavors Root Beer, Orange Cream Soda, Black Cherry,Diet Root beer and Vanilla Cream and also two teas in the flavor Half and Half which is tea and lemonade, and Black Tea and Lemon. I will say these drinks are so delicious My favorites were the root beer, Orange Cream soda and Vanilla Cream Soda! The Orange Cream Soda taste just like an orange cream sickle, Very sweet and delicious! The Vanilla Cream tastes a lot like Cream Soda, very sweet as well. The root beer was so good one of the best root beers I have ever had They taste go awesome! They are not heavy carbonated so you dont feel as bloated after drinking these like you do with most soft drinks. They were very refreshing and I had one with dinner till I drink them all. I loved all and was very sad when i downed my last one! I would love to buy a case of these one day. I could drink them everyday and not get sick of them, Thats how amazing they are! You should definitely give Hanks Gourmet Beverages a try I know for sure you will fall in love with them as well!  :] 


Hank’s Beverage Company is a privately held, Philadelphia based company, with a history in the beverage business that goes back over 40 years. Hank’s Root Beer was first introduced in 1996. Hank’s initial success was in the restaurant trade in Philadelphia and surrounding areas. Consumer demand drove expansion into all types of accounts, from chain and upscale restaurants, to delicatessens, supermarket chains, and hotels. Hank’s offers a full line of gourmet flavor premium beverages, and is sold in over 40 states in every region of the nation.
The Hank’s team recently introduced a new line of all natural iced teas. Hank’s Harmony Crafted Teas are all natural and are made with an exclusive blend of agave nectar, stevia and sugar.
Hank’s Gourmet Beverages are created with premium ingredients creating a richer, creamier taste sensation, appreciated by both young and old. In addition, our award winning, unique, upscale packaging is superior to other premium beverages, and sets us apart from the competition.
Hank’s has worked hard to create the ultimate in gourmet quality beverages and packaging. We are committed to providing consumers with the type of products they are looking for and are continuously working to create new, innovative, premium beverages. Hank’s flavor mix by percentage of sales volume for all classes of accounts throughout the entire U.S.
Root Beer is the core flavor at 42% share of sales. Orange Cream is our second most popular flavor with a 16% share of sales while Black Cherry and Vanilla Cream trail closely behind with a 15% and a 13%, respectively.
                             Where To Buy?
   You can go here to find out if there is any hank beverages in your area! 
                          Please visit them on FACEBOOK and on TWITTER


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