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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My Review On Cool Stream Bluetooth White Headphones.

Disclaimer: Coolstream sent me a pair of their bluetooth headphones for free in return for my honest review. 

                                    My Review

I was so excited to try Coolstream Bluetooth Headphones. When they got to my house, I opened them right away and tried them out! These headphones are amazing! They connect to my Bluetooth on my iPhone and i have wireless headphones in seconds! I loved that they came already fully charged so i could enjoy them right away! They are rechargeable you just plug it into a usb slot and charge the headphones right up. They have great sound as well, Very crisp sound, no background noise or static. They also can go up to 30ft away from your Bluetooth device, which is great. I was able to leave my phone on the couch and walk away to the kitchen and do my dishes and they still worked. I listen to music and videos on youtube the battery lasts a very long time too I needed to catch up on youtube videos and i was watching them for a good two hours plus listen to a little music after that and they still didn't die! So that is amazing! I love how lightweight these headphones are it doesn't even feel like you have headphones on. They have leather ear pads so they are so soft up against your ears.The headband is non slip so it didnt slip off my head which i love! I also love how they have a track button so you can switch songs right from the headphones instead of your phone. I also love that when you get a phone call it gives you an option to use the headset or not i love to use the headset for hands free calls when i'm driving! I have nothing i can say bad about these headphones they are just so amazing and i'am in love with them!  My husband loves them too, we argue on who will use them half the time ha ha. You guys should definitely give these headphones a try and they are not very expensive either only 39.99 a pair which is an amazing price compared to other Bluetooth headphones on the market! Definitely a great buy if you looking for a great pair of headphones! :]

Product Info
Comfortable and Convenient Headphones for Your Wireless Lifestyle
Experience rocking, wireless music and crystal clear calling with our Bluetooth 3.0 + EDR stereo headphones. Designed for all types of users, the CoolStream Bluetooth headphones feature a rubberized, no-slip headband and comfortable leather earpads. Get caught up in your music, not in the wires.

Company Info 

These words of Nietzsche inspire CoolStream to design Bluetooth solutions that allow our customers to get caught up in their music not in  their wires. We started with a Bluetooth receiver that gives older iPhone docking stations a new life and have added Bluetooth stereo headphones and a portable Bluetooth speaker to our product line. CoolStream believes that our devices truly improve the music experience of our customers. All our product designs are guided by our commitment to wireless solutions that have a cool look and are easy-to-use.

Where To Buy?

Also please check out this amazing company at FACEBOOK,TWITTER and YOUTUBE.


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