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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

My Review On CleanWell Natural Hand Sanitizer Wipes.

I love that that they are all natural. I also love how they contain alcohol cause alcohol tends to dry out your hands This sanitizer wipe did not dry out my hands at all, i love that about these cause all the other hand sanitize i use dry out my hands like crazy. These leave my hands so soft. i also like how wet the wipes were other wipes i have used were hardly wet at all. These were perfect!! Also since they are all natural i felt a lot better about using them on my 3 year old daughter because i know they are safe and don't have all those nasty chemicals in them like some of the other products. I will def be re buying these cause i can also use them for many other things too for example for cleaning off the buggy handle at grocery stores, or wiping down a table before we sit down to eat,even for cleaning my daughters toys off. They are many uses for these wipes. I can go on forever haha. The only thing i did not like about these wipes were the smell. It was a little to strong for my taste. But other then that i have no complaints at all. I absolutely love these!! Thanks so much for giving me a chance to try these influenster!! :]

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