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Thursday, January 30, 2014

My Review On Hangover Joe's Recovery Shot!

Disclaimer:  Hangover Joe's sent me 5 recovery shots for free for me to give an honest review in return.

                                                    PRODUCT INFO
 Hangover Joe's is a patent pending, revolutionary new product that is totally unique from all other hangover products on the market today. Hangover Joe's is the only morning after hangover recovery shot on the market to counteract the awful symptoms of a hangover. Hangover Joe's was formulated by a laboratory chemist who is an expert in the field. The process of using our advanced formulated recovery shot is a totally new approach to the age old problem of relieving the symptoms of a hangover. Hangover Joe's was designed for those who like to responsibly enjoy alcohol, without the unpleasant side effects of a hangover. Hangover Joe is a real guy who has to Get Up & Go everyday, just like you, and there is a little bit of Hangover Joe in all of us. Hangover Joe's Helps to quickly replenish frolic acid, Vitamins B1, B6 and B12 are depleted dureing drinking. Kudzu flower cools and nourishes the body and helps to settle the stomach by reducing acetaldehyde, a highly toxic compound produced during the metabolism of ethanol.  

                                                  My Review

I really liked the hangover recovery shot, They surprisingly taste really good. I was expecting them to taste horrible but I was wrong it was very sweet,taste like juice. I get really bad nausea and headache when i get hangovers so i was very eager to try these since i feel so bad the next morning. They worked pretty good. It got rid of my headache and took most of my nausea away. I was still a little queezy but got rid of me gagging and feeling really sick. I got a lot of relive so this product definatelly does what it says. It is amazeing!! I will defnatelly be buying more when i run out of my samples! I'am so glad i got to try this product and cant wait to share it with other people! It's AWESOME! Now I can drink without a worry! :]

                                             Where to buy:
You can buy hangover Joe's recovery shots at most gas stations and truck shops. Such as 7-eleven Racetrack, and loves truck shops. 

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