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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

My Review On Honibe's Puragave delights and agave cough drops.

Disclaimer:Island Abby Foods sent me some Puragave delights and Honibe agave cough drops for free in return for my honest review.

                                    MY REVIEW

I was so happy to get to try Island Abby foods agave delights and Honibe agave cough drops. The Puragave  delights were absolutely delicious. They are just the right amount of sweetness. When they say its natures tastiest candy, they mean it! The puragave delights are the worlds first candy from pure dried blue agave. They come in 2.6 g pieces  and have no artificial flavor added! These are very addicting you cant just eat one. The only con is they are very sticky but the amazing taste makes up for that. I absolutely am  IN  LOVE with this candy. The Honibe agave cough drops is a miracle in a drop. I had a very bad cough and sore throat, I popped one of these in my mouth and within' minutes my cough was gone and my sore throat was a lot better. What is even more awesome is that it also helps clear nasal congestion. It is also so cool that children 5 years and older can use these cough drops as well! Each cough drop has 8.6 mg of menthol and 6 mg of eucalyptus. At first the cough drop was very strong but after i sucked it for a while you get used to the taste. If you want a cough drop that actually really works then I definitely recommend Honibe's agave cough drops.  You'll be  reaching for these every time you are sick, I sure do! 

                                  PRODUCT INFO

PurAgave™ - Agave Delights™

PurAgave™ - Agave Delights™ are the world’s first 100% pure dried Agave candy and sweetener for tea or coffee. PurAgave™ - Agave Delights™ are a delicious treat or sweetener for a hot beverage, are only 10 calories per piece (2.5 g) and are available in bulk or in packages of 20 pieces.

PurAgave™ - Agave Lozenges™

PurAgave™ - Agave Lozenges™ are the world's first lozenges made from pure dried Agave Nectar. PurAgave™ - Agave Lozenges™, which contain 100% pure dried Agave with a small amount of naturally derived menthol and eucalyptus, and no artificial ingredients. PurAgave™ - Agave Lozenges™ are for the temporary relief of sore throat andnasal congestion, are only 10 calories per piece (2.5 g) and are available in blister packages of 10 lozenges.

                            Company Info
We are a family business with our feet firmly planted in our Island’s bright red soil (ideal for farming with its high iron and nutrient content). Our family arrived on Prince Edward Island 6 generations ago and settled on the Island’s beautiful north shore. Farming, agriculture and forestry was the business of the day, and it continues to be our focus on our original homestead and extended family plots.
The Island, as it is affectionately known to residents and all who visit it, is a special place cradled by the winds and tides of the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Among the many culinary gifts our Island offers are agricultural produce like no other, ocean delicacies and exquisite seafood, homemade preserves, jams and sauces, and the list goes on.
We are known for the award winning (and space traveling…yes, it’s true!) Honibe – Pure Honey Joy® (hon-ee-bee) brand: our line of all natural, specialty liquid and pure dried, solid honey products from PEI. Under our Honibe – Pure Honey Joy brand we offer innovative productslike the Honey Drop®, the world’s first 100% pure, no mess, solid Honey To Go™! We also have Honey Delights® honey candies and suckers / lollipops, Honey Sprinkles™ granulated honey, and Honibe Honey For Health™ products including: Honibe Honey Vitamins™ with vitamin C and D, and Honey Lozenges™ with added menthol and eucalyptus for sore throat and nasal congestion relief.
The PurAgave® brand of products continues this tradition: all natural, 100% pure dried, solid Agave sweeteners, candies and natural health products including PurAgave Agave Delights™ and PurAgave Agave Lozenges™. PurAgave products are produced from the finest premium pure Blue Agave Nectar selected from the best sources available in Mexico. We invite you to try our products.
For more information please visit us on the web at www.honibe.com or  www.islandabbeyfoods.com
We are fortunate to live in a place of bounty, and we endeavor to ensure that it will be so for our future generations. We believe in pursuing not only the best of agricultural produce, but also in environmentally sustainable methods of production. This is why we are a member of the PEI AgriAlliance. The PEI AgriAlliance is an alliance of primary agriculture producers and agri-businesses that are working to ensure the PEI agriculture and agri-food sector is sustainable for generations to come.
If you are interested in learning more, please visit them here:www.PEIAFA.com.
Thank you for visiting us.
John Rowe

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