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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My Review On Tilth Beauty Sea Origin Serum.

Disclaimer: Tilth Beauty sent me a full size sea origin serum for free in return for my honest review! 

                                    My Review

I was very excited to try a product from Tilth Beauty!! They have an amazing skincare line. Tilth Beauty sent me the Sea Origin Serum to try. I absolutely love it! I have been using it for 2 weeks now and it makes my skin so soft and it also makes my skin appear smoother. My makeup glided on so smooth and gave me a flawless finish! I definitely noticed that it brighten my skin tremendously!  I Love how well it just makes my face look longer and healthier! I used it every morning after my morning face wash and before I applied makeup. I also love how this little serum has The combination of 11 proven marine extracts that not only reduces the appearance and depth of wrinkles with continued use, it also brightens and plumps the skin. It also protects against UVA/ UVB Damage which is great because I have sun spots! I have notice just in two weeks my sun spots have faded a lot! The first night I used the serum i had a few little break outs and they were inflamed it definitely calmed the inflammation and redness. The only con i have is that its very runny, But a little goes a long way! I'am in love with this product It definitely does what it says its does and more! I will definitely continue to used this product till i use it all up and maybe even buy a new bottle! I would love to try other products in there line as well! If you are looking for an serum that is amazing for your skin and makes you look 10x younger then the Tilth Beauty Sea Origin Serum is for you! Definitely give it a try you will fall in love with how well this product works! 

                                   Product Info

This powerful and soothing serum combates wrinkles, free radicals, and UVA/UVB damage, and promotes hydration, elasticity, and firmness to leave the skin visibly brighter, healthier, and more youthful-looking. A Naturally Based, Luxury High Performance Skin Care Collection that is Gluten and Cruelty Free. There are NO 
Parabens, NO Phthalates, NO Petroleum Based Ingredients, NO Silicones, NO Synthetic Fragrances, NO Artificial Coloring, NO GMOs.

                                  Company Info

Anthony Vargas, founder and CEO of Tilth Beauty™, is a world-renowned Skin Care Scientist and Beauty Expert.  He has been involved in the research and development of skin care products for over three decades and has collaborated with some of the top skin research scientists in the world during that time.  A former Vice President of Research and Development at Elizabeth Arden, Vargas was instrumental and responsible for some of the most notable launches in cosmetic history, including the Prevage and Ceramide lines. His work has always included discovering cutting edge technologies and innovative formulations, which you will find in his skin care collection, Tilth Beauty™.

Today, consumers are looking for a high performance line that is safe for themselves, animals, and the planet.  Delivering on this monumentally important consumer and environmental need encompasses many levels of innovation, which Tilth Beauty™ has achieved.  His knack for finding new technologies and bringing them to the consumer is unparalleled, and today he continues this search for more effective products.  At the forefront of skin care creativity and technology, Tilth Beauty is a revolutionary, high performance, luxurious anti-aging skin care collection.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a high-performance, ultra-effective, product line that is free of toxic ingredients and delivers results that consumers expect from a premium skin care line. We simply will not compromise on ingredients to make money!  Everything we manufacture holds the promise of a great win/win outcome – our products are good for the consumer – and good for the Earth!  We work in concert with Mother Nature’s abundant and abiding genius.

Core Values

  • We love our customers! That is why we provide them with safe, effective, and non-toxic ingredients.

    We provide unduplicated value: safe, non-toxic ingredients and a veritable garden of healing botanicals.
  • We love animals! We are cruelty free, and let’s face it – how can real beauty embrace cruelty? It simply can’t.  We are honest about the true meaning of beauty, and with each product we manufacture, speak for the welfare of those who cannot do it for themselves.
  • We love the Earth! Our packaging is eco-friendly, green, and we use sustainable ingredients. It’s also really chic!
  • We love America! Tilth Beauty™ is proudly made in the U.S.A. and is providing jobs to American workers.

What’s in a Name...?

Tilth Beauty™ derives its name from the life-giving properties of the earth itself. ‘Tilth’ refers to the physical condition and health of soil, like its texture and its ability to hold moisture and circulate oxygen. Soil with good ‘tilth’ is well-functioning with an adequate reservoir of water, nutrients, infiltration, and water flow. All of these conditions are essential for plant growth.

Likewise, our skin needs an adequate level of moisture and nutrients to be healthy; when absent the skin appears dull, lifeless, and older. Tilth Beauty™ products are brimming with botanical ingredients that support “good tilth”, leading to beautiful, vibrant, radiant, and healthy skin.

                             Where To Buy?

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