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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My Review On Soda Stream System.

Disclaimer: Soda Stream sent me an Soda Stream System and 10 drink syrups for free in return for my honest review!

                                           My Review

When Soda Stream told me yes to reviewing their Genesis Soda Stream System, I was so excited! I have been wanting to try a soda stream since they came out on the market! My husband and I love soda so we always spend so much money on soda cans or two liters. Since receiving the soda stream we have saved so much money. I thought it would be way more expensive but our surprise it was the opposite! One 60 liter Carbonator makes 60 liters of soda. To buy a new carbonator it isnt expensive at all you save your old one bring it into walmart and exchange for a new one for just 14 dollars. You can buy a big bottle 750ml  soda syrup at walmart which makes 25 liters of soda for 9 dollars. Are you can get the smaller bottle 500ml which makes 12 liters of soda for 5 dollars.  They have so many flavors of drinks to try some of the flavors soda stream sent me are root beer, ocean spray craneberry, country time pink lemonaid, diet pink grapefruit,Cola, Pink grapefruit, Cosmopolitan, Diet Lemon lime, Tropical punch kool aid and Crystal light fruit punch. That's just an few flavors they have so many more they even have energy drink amazing! Its so easy to make too. You just fill the liter with water to the fill line, Screw the liter on to the soda stream base, hit the button at the top 3 times for normal corbonation or 6 times for more corbonation then you unscrew the liter you will hear a big fizz then you add a cap full of soda put the top on and gently mix it and then pour over ice and enjoy!! The coke tastes just like store bought coke and all the other flavors were amazing as well. My husband and I are so in love with our new soda stream!! If your family are huge soda drinkers And you want to save money I would definatelly invest in a soda stream system. You wont regret it. You can get an genesis system for only 99 dollars or buy any of the other 7 models which go up in price. The cheapest soda stream system they have is the fountain jet which is 79 dollars. So what are you waiting for save money and go out and buy an soda stream today ENJOY and HAVE FUN!! :]

Product Info 

Genesis home soda makers offer the sleek, modern silhouette of the Pure home soda maker at a more affordable price. Turn water into sparkling water and soda in seconds with a Sodastream Genesis home soda maker. Available in two colors: black, & red.
 includes everything you need to make fresh sparkling water in your own home.

This package includes:

  • Genesis Home Soda Maker
  • 1 60 liter Carbonator
  • 2 BPA-free Reusable Carbonating Bottles
  • Sodamix Variety 12 pack

                                   Company Info

At SodaStream each year we provide 1.5 billion liters of home-made soda to millions of homes worldwide, making us one of the largest beverage companies in the world.
We began introducing innovative solutions to the beverage market in 1903 with a system that enabled consumers to carbonate water at home.
Over the past century, we have continued to grow and innovate with an intellectual property portfolio that includes 65 patents and 198 trademark registrations worldwide.
Leading the market in technological advancements and quality products, our system enables you to carbonate water, add flavor and enjoy quality, better-for-you soda at home, just the way you like it. We are the world's largest manufacturer, distributor and marketer of home carbonation systems with our machines being sold in over 60,000 retail stores, in 45 countries worldwide.
Today, we are leading a revolution against bottled and canned beverages, providing consumers with a better-for-you and better-for-the-planet alternative to store bought soda.
With a clear functional philosophy, everything we are and everything we do falls under the following three categories:

SMART.           SIMPLE.           BUBBLES.

SMART.  Better for you. Better for your family. Better for the environment.

SIMPLE.  Turns water into spakling drinks in seconds.

BUBBLES. SodaStream flavors have 2/3 less sugar than store bought sodas and conatin no high fructose syrup and no aspartame. But they have the bubble-fun!

At SodaStream, we have over 100 years of history making better bubbles. We know better-for-you sparkling drinks can be easily enjoyed without the bottles, and invite everyone to join our soda revolution. 

We make it SMART & SIMPLE because we really understand BUBBLES.

Fizzy Facts:
  • Employ over 2,000 people worldwide
  • More than 30 nationalities are represented in the company
  • Headquarters located in Israel
  • Manufacturing facilities in: Australia, China, Germany, Israel, South Africa and West Bank
  • SodaStream strictly adheres to the highest  international standards in quality, design and production

                          Where To Buy?

                     Soda Stream Website

Also check out soda stream on Facebook,TwitterInstagram and Youtube


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