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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

My Review On Orabrush.

Disclaimer: Orabrush sent me an Orabrush and Orabrush tongue foam for free in return for my honest review.

                                    My Review

Orabrush sent me an green Orabrush and the Orabrush Tongue Gel to review. I was excited to try it because I have never tried one before. Orabrush is so amazing its a brush you brush your tongue with to help get rid of bad breath. No one realizes how dirty their tongue is, It is surprisingly very filthy. An filthy tongue is the main cause of BAD BREATH!  I tried this the night i received it and the brush is actually very soft. It did not hurt my tongue at all. The Orabrush tongue gel was very light and didn't really have a taste. I loved how extra fresh my mouth felt after i  used it. I did the breath test you know how you cuff your hand over your mouth and breath and my breath didn't smell bad so it seem to work. I kissed my husband as well and he said my breath did not stink. Overall the Orabrush and Orabrush tongue gel worked really well and I loved that it didn't hurt my tongue neither products did. It is amazing and i will continue to use both products on a regular basics. 
If you are really big on keeping your teeth and breath fresh you should definitely give Orabrush and Orabrush gel a try You will love the results! my husband and I definitely notice amazing results.  

Product Info
Ultra-soft, pointed bristles reach deep into the uneven crevices of your tongue and loosen stinky bacteria. These bristles are designed after the surgeon's scrub brush, the same brush they use to clean bacteria from their hands before they cut you open. (Toothbrush bristles, however, are designed for the smooth surfaces of your teeth, not your tongue.) The scraper then collects and removes the bacteria and residue generated from brushing, helping cure bad breath.


Orabrush Tongue Foam powered by Orazyme leaves your mouth feeling refreshed after using your Orabrush. Armed with 7 all-natural enzymes, it protects against future bad breath attacks—without killing your mouth's natural defenses. Death to bad breath!

Individual, ultra soft bristles that reach deep into the uneven areas of your tongue, removing the source of bad breath.

"Tongue bacteria....account for 80-90% of all cases of bad breath."
Dental School of the University of Buffalo, NY

"Orabrush is far superior to any tongue cleaner I have used."
Dr. C. Lynn Hurst, DDS MS Dean, College of Dental Medicine

Instructions: Moisten your tongue (using Orabrush Tongue Foam or water). Gently brush several times with your Orabrush. Reach the scraper towards the back of your tongue and remove the residue generated from brushing. (Do not press too firmly, you may damage tongue tissue.) Replace with your toothbrush.

There is an epic battle in your mouth between good bacteria and bad breath bacteria. Orabrush Tongue Foam with Orazyme is armed with 7 all-natural enzymes that build up the good bacteria in order to protect against future bad breath attacks- without killing your mouth's natural defense against odor-causing bacteria. The more you use Orabrush Tongue Foam, the more you strengthen your mouths natural defenses. Death to future bad breath!

Tongue Foam contains a concentrated Orazyme formula, created from a blend of seven different natural oral enzymes which selectively inhibit the “bad” bacteria while helping maintain healthy microflora and overall oral balance. The unique film-forming moisturizers help shield your mouth from infection causing germs and scratches.
- 7 enzymes actively build your mouth's natural bad breath defenses
Patent-pending foaming action
- No alcohol or burn
- 60 uses per bottle!

Lysozyme - a naturally occurring protein known to weaken the cell wall of certain types of bad bacteria.
Amylase and amyloglucosidase - both known as “dextrinizing” enzymes, because they can break down complex foods containing sugars, helping prevent cavities.
Glucoxidase - a naturally occurring microbial enzyme widely used in food applications to extend the shelf life of products. It does this by reacting with the available oxygen, thus depriving aerobic bacteria of the opportunity to grow.
Peptizyme - one of the most potent anti-inflammatory enzymes known. It effectively controls dental infections and helps to reduce plaque.
Papain - a protease that is widely used for tooth whitening and to reduce plaque build-up.
Selectobac - a compound comprised of phytic acid, sodium EDTA and lactoferrin, and iron-binding glycoprotein present in milk and saliva. By increasing saliva levels, Selectobac also helps prevent cavities.

Apply 1 to 2 pumps of foam directly onto your Orabrush bristles or, if prefered, directly onto your tongue. Use Orabrush as normal to scrub and clean your tongue. Spit out excess tongue foam when complete. Do not swallow. Orabrush tongue foam works best when used over time. Use twice daily. 60 uses in one bottle.
See the Before/after picture on the packet.

Price: 1 orabrush & 1 Tongue foam; special price $9.99.

                           Company Info              

We want to thank YouTube for leveling the playing field and making something like Orabrush possible :)
Dr. Bob Wagstaff (75 yr old inventor of the Orabrush) spent 8 years trying to bring Orabrush to market. He spent over $40k on an infomercial. It only sold about 100 orders. He approached Walmart, Walgreens, CVS and many others, but no one was interested in his tongue cleaner. He approached Oral-B and Colgate asking if they wanted to buy his patent. They were not interested.
In 2009, as a last ditch effort, Dr. Bob went to the Marriott School of Management at BYU and asked a market research class to see if they could come up with new ways to market the product online. The student group presented their findings and said: “92% of the people who would actually like to try Orabrush will not buy Orabrush on the internet. We suggest you drop the idea of marketing Orabrush on the Internet.” A student (Jeffrey Harmon) who was not a part of the project raised his hand and asked, “That means 8% probably will buy Orabrush. That is millions of people, why don’t you focus on them?” Dr. Bob approached Jeffrey after the class. He wanted to learn more about what Jeffrey had to say. Jeffrey said, “I love your product. I could sell Orabrush online.”
Dr Bob offered Jeffrey his old motorcycle (at 75 years old, Dr. Bob didn’t ride his Motorcycle much anymore) in return for helping market Orabrush. Jeffrey was thrilled and started working on Orabrush in the mornings and at nights before and after his full-time job.
Jeffrey noticed a guy on a team he managed at his full-time job, Austin Craig. Austin had just graduated in Broadcast Journalism and was working as an Intern. Jeffrey noticed that the other team members would provoke Austin into little rants about politics or other issues that Austin was passionate about. While Austin was ranting one day, another coworker leaned over and nudged Jeffrey and said, “I would pay money to watch Austin rant like this. It is the best part of my day.” That is when it clicked. Jeffrey asked Austin, “How much would I have to pay you to be in a video for me where you rant about bad breath?” Austin thought. “A hundred bucks.”
Jeffrey took his idea to his good friend, Joel Ackerman (a talented local script writer) and asked him if Joel could do some magic on this YouTube idea. As a favor for a friend, Joel quickly whipped out a clever script.
Austin, Jeffrey, Dr Bob, and Jeffrey’s old roommate Devin Graham (a film major) shot the first Orabrush movie in a pool club. Dr Bob held the mic while Austin acted, and Jeffrey did his best to direct his first video ever. If you listen closely you can hear pool balls cracking against each other during the video.
That video was a huge success, garnering millions of views, and bringing Orabrush to the attention of major distributors and retailers. From it’s invention in Dr. Bob’s basement workshop to retailers around the world, the success of the Orabrush was only possible when a few people believed in it, and YouTube opened the way.

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