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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Bunny Slippers Review

Disclaimer: Bunny Slippers sent me a pair of slippers for free in return for my honest review. 

                                    My Review
I'am in love with dolphins so when i saw Bunny Slippers had a dolphin pair of slippers I jumped to review them! When they came in the mail i ripped open the package so fast i was so excited!! I put them on right away. They were so comfortable! They are so soft and are made so well. I can tell that they will last a very long time. I hate walking around the house barefoot so now I just slip my slippers on. My feet never get cold now which is amazing because sometimes my feet were still cold with just socks on.  I like that the bottoms are sturdy enough I can wear them to check mail. The bottoms also have an non-slip sole material so you wont slip and fall on hardwood floor. They have all sizes ranging from kids to Women's and even Men's! They also have a huge selection of animals to choose from! All of them are so cute! I'am beyond pleased with these slippers!! I have nothing bad i could say about them they are perfect!  If you are looking for a very nice pair of slippers i would definitely buy a pair from Bunny Slippers You wont regret it They are Great Slippers!! :]

                                   Product Info

Swim into comfort with these cozy dolphin animal slippers. Rendered in a shocking shade of electric blue, the blue dolphin animal slippers provide full coverage, thick, plushy soles and come detailed with fins and flippers.

                              Where To Buy?
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