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Friday, February 7, 2014

My Review On The Thera Pearl Back Wrap And Giveaway!

I received one thera pearl back wrap a 24.99 dollar value for free for my honest review in return! 

                                   My Review
I get a lot of lower back pain so I was so happy when I got to  try the thera pearl back wrap.  I LOVE this product a lot! It helped ease my back pain so well. It's super easy to get ready as well. You just stick it in the microwave for 65 seconds and It's good to go. I love how it has a strap that is Velcro that makes it easy to wrap around your waist! It stays in place really well doesn't move at all. I think the concept is amazing the pearls are so cool!  I also use it when I have cramps it does wonders for that! Perfect for any aches, pains, bruising, or swelling. In one handy wrap, you can reap the benefits of cold & heat therapy. Use cold to reduce any bruising or swelling, then use hot to really enjoy penetrating pain relief. It's so cool how you can freeze it just stick it in the freezer for 2 hours and you have an ice pack!The back wrap has a large 17" x 6.75" surface. It is really reasonable price as well, you can get a back wrap for 24.99 That's amazing!  It is definitely well worth the money! If you have any pain you should definitely give there products a try there is an product for practically every body part! you will really love how well it helps with the pain!  You will be in love with it like I'am for sure I promise! :]


The Pearl Technology® contained in every THERA°PEARL pack is game changing innovation born of an age old therapy. Crafted by a doctor who knew she could offer her patients something better than a bag of frozen peas, THERA°PEARL was designed with you in mind. Whether chilled or heated, Pearl Technology conveniently holds its temperature for the doctor recommended time of 20 minutes and conforms to your body to deliver the perfect relief from your aches and pains.
Easily pliable when frozen, our Pearl Technology is cold enough to offer targeted ice therapy without sacrificing flexibility. Not stiff, jagged or uncomfortable, chilled THERA°PEARL packs stay smooth and soft on your skin as they conform to deliver soothing relief.
When conveniently heated in a microwave, the Pearl Technology in your THERA°PEARL pack is the perfect solution to relax stiff muscles and encourage blood flow and healing. Delivering consistent heat therapy directly to your desired relief area without a mess, the reusable packs are combination therapy in one convenient product.
At THERA°PEARL, we recognize it’s all about giving people the opportunity to see and interact with our product.  When they do, they love it.  Unlike other products, our high quality clear packaging showcases the product inside, and our poke hole allows people to feel the difference for themselves.  The distinct ornamental appearance of our pearls is our trademark, and it’s how consumers recognize our product in stores.
 THERA°PEARL is the doctor-designed, drug-free way to relieve pain and inflammation. THERA°PEARL packs use innovative Pearl Technology® that absorbs and delivers heat & cold for the doctor recommended 20 minutes of highly effective therapy. Their dual action provides twice the therapeutic benefit in a single pack: start with ice to reduce swelling and bruising, then switch to heat for penetrating pain relief.
What are the benefits of ICE therapy?
Ice therapy (a.k.a. cryotherapy) is one of the most common recommendations by doctors for injury prevention & recovery. Applying ice immediately after an injury or physical trauma (the sooner the better) constricts blood flow & slows bleeding/swelling. Ice therapy reduces pain & muscle spasm. Also, applying ice to the injured area decreases the metabolic rate of cells, which limits the risk of cell death after an injury and helps prevent long-term damage.
RECOMMENDED ICE TIPS: You want to ice during the first 24 hours following an injury, when there is evidence of swelling and/or bleeding. Even if you don’t have an “injury,” it’s recommended to apply ice after any physical activity to lessen the effects of wear & tear on the body.
What are the benefits of HEAT therapy?
Heat therapy increases circulation (blood flow), effectively relaxing muscles & easing movement. Stimulating blood flow to injured areas once swelling has gone down promotes healing & speeds recovery of damaged tissue.
RECOMMENDED HEAT TIPS: Heat should be introduced at least 24 hours after an injury, once swelling/bleeding has subsided. Since heat stimulates blood flow, it will actually worsen any swelling or bleeding if applied too soon. It’s recommended to apply heat prior to physical activity, to stimulate blood flow & warm-up muscles. Doing this will help prevent injuries during exercise.”
When do I use it?
Post Workout/ActivityPre Workout/Activity
Sprains/Bruising/SwellingJoint Stiffness/Soreness
Shin SplintsContinuous Aches
Tennis ElbowDry Eyes
Migraine Headaches/ToothachesMuscle Pain/Spasms
Minor Burns/SunburnsMenstrual Cramps

                         Where To Buy?
                           BACK WRAP
        You can also buy it at most stores like Walmart, Walgreens,Rite aid. 
  Check them out on FACEBOOK , TWITTER , PINTEREST and GOOGLE +. You                     can also follow them on instagram (therapearl)

Thera Pearl was so nice and is giving away a thera pearl product to a lucky reader! So get your entries in you have 8 days!  GOOD LUCK!! 


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