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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My Review On jk gourmet GG Bites.

Disclaimer: Jk Gourmet sent me two bags of GG Bites for free in return for my honest review! 

                                  My Review
Jk Gourmet sent me two bags of GG Bites in the flavors Original and Cranberries. I love seeds so I was so anxious to try these. They were absolutely delicious! They are made of  Made with sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, honey and organic coconut nectar. The honey gives them that just right sweetness! This is a great hiking snack or just an healthy snack to eat on the go.They are gluten and grain free as well. I love that for how sweet they are that that don't have a lot of sugar they only have 4 grams of sugar which is amazing! I love these and can see myself snacking on these all the time instead of picking up a cookie or something else unhealthy! Right now Jk gourmet only has 2 flavors but are going to have 6 flavors in a few months! I cant wait to try the new flavors i can imagine they going to be just as delicious!! Thanks so much for letting me try your new GG bites Jk gourmet I'm in love with them!! I will be sad when they are gone haha. You guys should definitely try GG Bites They are very very delicious!! I promise you will love them just as much as I do!! :] 

                                Product Info

My husband Steven is always pressing me to come up with new products. But sometimes, I'm just fresh out of ideas! I guess he got tired of asking me because he recently turned to our head baker, Lougie, and asked her to come up with something different. What came out of Lougie's imagination and prowess in the kitchen is something that was a unanimous hit, according to the unscientific sampling we conducted at two recent shows: the CHFA Expo East and the Gluten-Free Garage pop-up marketplace, not to mention a number of informal focus groups.

The result of Lougie's efforts is what we now officially refer to as "GG Bites" - G.G. being the nickname our kids gave Lougie when they were growing up and she was, at the time, our nanny! Soon to be available in stores, the GG Bites are now available only online.

So we offer these GG Bites to you - currently available in 2 varieties: ORIGINAL GG BITES and GG BITES WITH CRANBERRY (cranberries are sweetened with unsweetened apple juice concentrate). Made with sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, honey and organic coconut nectar - think of them as a “better-than-sesame-snaps”...and certainly healthier!


                            Company INFO

Grain-Free JK Gourmet was started by Jodi Bager in 2001 and is now operated by Jodi and her husband Steven. Grain-Free JK Gourmet is a Canadian company with a mandate devoted to making all-natural, preservative-free whole-foods baked goods that taste as good as they are healthy.

Our Granola, Biscotti, Granola Bars, and Muffin-Loaves are sweetened with a touch of honey and packed with cholesterol-lowering, vitamin-rich nuts, real fruit and vegetables, and high-fibre seeds. Our Baking Mixes are sweetened with coconut nectar, an organic, sustainable, non-refined sweetener that tastes fabulous! Most importantly, our nutritious granola and almond flour baked goods have an authentic taste and texture that make every bite an indulgence.
Everyone enjoys our products, but you will in particular if…
• You are on a gluten-free diet• You are lactose intolerant• You are trying to increase your intake of whole, natural foods• You are trying to reduce the amount of wheat or other grains in your diet• You want to eliminate refined sugar from your diet• You are following the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) for intestinal health (our honey-sweetened products are perfect for you!)• You love delicious granola, cookies and muffins, but want to eat them guilt-free!
To read more about Jodi , please visit our "About Jodi" page.

                          Where To Buy?

Jk Gourmet was so kind to give my blog readers a 10% off promo code: Stacey GG Bite


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