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Friday, February 28, 2014

My Review on Country Archer Beef Jerky.

Disclaimer: Country Archer sent me 18 full size bags of their beef jerky for free for my honest review in return.

                                                           My Review
Country Archer sent me 3 bags of each of their flavors to try and review. The flavors are Original, Teriyaki, Peppered, Sweet n Spicy, Hot and Teriyaki Turkey.  I love beef jerky so i was so excited when I got a yes to try out country archers Beef jerky! This beef jerky is so delicious! It was so fresh and wasn't real tough very easy to chew. My favorite was the peppered jerky It was so sweet and had a hit of pepper even the pepper flavor tastes very fresh. I think The Original was a little too plain, it had no flavor this was my least favorite of the bunch. The turkey jerky was okay i'm not a big fan of turkey but it definitely  tasted like really fresh turkey so i enjoyed it! The Hot jerky was pretty dang HOT! It made my Tongue burn. The Sweet and Spicy was very sweet and the sweet took a lot of the spicy away so it wasn't as bad as the HOT! The teriyaki was very delicious it was very sweet as well had amazing flavor! I can tell that this jerky is made fresh by the batch because of how great it tasted. The only con to this beef jerky is after opening the bag you have to eat it within 3 days, that's what label says. I'm guessing that's because The company wants you to enjoy it by its freshness! If you love beef jerky i would definitely give this jerky a try! It is the best I've tried yet. 

                                   Product Info

Hot- When we say “hot,” we mean it. Our Hot Beef Jerky is made with fresh chili pepper flakes hot enough to make sure you’re paying attention — and a subtle sweetness that will cool you off, and keep you coming back for more.

Sweet n Spicy- Our Sweet & Spicy jerky is made with jalapeños that bring the heat, and brown sugar that keeps things sweet. It may have a split personality, but we don’t think you’ll want to share.

Peppered- Sometimes the simplest flavors are the best. We season our tender, Peppered beef jerky with just the right amount of cracked black pepper for a fresh take on a classic taste.

Beef Teriyaki -  Seriously. You won’t be able to put down the bag. Our Teriyaki Beef Jerky is tear-apart tender, made with the finest cuts of beef, and sweetened with the unique flavors of pineapple and brown sugar.

Turkey Teritaki- Made with choice cuts of tender turkey meat and seasoned with our signature teriyaki sauce, our Teriyaki Turkey jerky gives you all the flavor you’ve come to expect from Country Archer, with zero grams of fat.

                                    Company Info
 And our jerky — begins in sunny Southern California. We began making our gourmet beef jerky here nearly forty years ago, and it’s still the place where every piece of our tender, juicy beef and turkey jerky is born. At Country Archer, we believe the best jerky starts with gourmet cuts of extra-lean, USDA-inspected American beef, and fresh, high quality ingredients like chili peppers, pineapple juice, ginger and tamarind. We don’t add any artificial ingredients or preservatives, and we strive to support local farms whenever we can. By making our jerky here in America, we can keep a close eye on every aspect of the manufacturing process, ensuring you get the finest healthy snacks available. And it also means you’ll always get the best quality service, whether you’re stocking your store, or filling your cabinet. Want to know more? Just ask.

                                                         Where To Buy?

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