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Friday, January 31, 2014

My Reviews On Barts Cookies Plus GIVEAWAY!!

Disclaimer: I received two dozen mini cookies and two big cookies for free from Bart's cookies in return for my honest review

                                                MY REVIEW

I was so excited when Bart's cookies said yes for me to review their cookies,because I'm a huge cookie fan and so is my husband. When i received them in the mail i quickly opened them and tried one of each! Oh my goodness they were so delicious! I received the white chocolate chip and the peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. I loved them both so much, But the peanut butter chocolate chip was my favorite. I love how you can get them in mini sizes so you not eating such a big cookie. Or you can eat the big ones as well and they are just as good. I loved how soft they were they had a lot of flavor. They are way better then store bought cookies for sure.I rater these cookies any day over store bought! They taste so much more fresh! IN LOVE with them and recommend you get your hands on some to try! You will definitely agree with me!

I've been makin' the world's best chocolate chip cookies for more than 20 years! It all started in 1988 when I went away to college. I was living far from home and mom's cooking. One night, I was giving some serious thought to what to have for dinner when I realized I could have anything I wanted, and I was in the mood for some warm chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven.

Now, Mom taught me a few things before I left for college, such as how to operate a washer and dryer, some basic cooking skills that did not include baking, and how to keep my apartment clean. Determined to have home-baked cookies, I picked up the ingredients I needed at a local grocer, and baked my first batch of cookies. To my surprise, they were a hit from the first batch!

Before long, I was baking cookies for my friends, track team members (I went to college on a track scholarship), teachers, coaches, you name it! While everyone raved about my cookies, I continued to bake while in school and in sports. I finally confided in my Mom that everyone was really enjoying my homemade cookies. I think she sensed that I was respectfully putting her out of the cookie-baking business (since mine were slightly better than hers). She said she was proud of me, although she hoped that baking wouldn't be my "calling" and to continue pursuing my college studies!
Fast forward a couple of years (after college) I was employed by several temporary agencies who sent me out to a number of different companies. Well, this gave me ample opportunity to attend my fair share of potluck lunches. I would always bake my cookies to contribute to the dessert table. The problem was, they never made it to dessert time. The feedback I received was amazing, and the cookie baking"light bulb" turned on.

                                     WHERE YOU CAN BUY!

You can buy these amazing cookies on his website at www.bartscookies.com!
Also check him out on FACEBOOK and TWITTER

Bart was so kind to giveaway 1 dozen cookies to one of my lucky blog readers The giveaway will last one week make sure to enter Good luck!
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