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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My Review On Pine Brothers Sore Throat Drops.

Disclaimer: I received 6 bags and 6 tins for free in return for my honest review!

I received 3 bags and 3 tins of natural honey and 3 bags and 3 tins of wild cherry for free for my honest review in return. pine brothers are a company that makes sore throat drops. They are not like any other sore throat drop they are actually soft. They have a texture kinda like gummy bears.They don't have that menthol flavors like other sore throat drops which i absolutely love about them. Sometimes the menthol flavor of other drops upset my stomach after a while. I was so happy when they came in the mail, because i was battling a sore throat/ cold and cough at the time. So it was PERFECT!! They healed my sore throat so well. It helped lubricate my throat so it wasn't so sore/ scratchy. My sore throat didn't last as long either because i wasn't coughing as much because it was controlling the scratchy throat which caused me to cough! I really love these sore throat drops a lot! I also love how they come in a tin as well so you can always keep them with you when your sick like for instance in your purse, pocket or overnight bag. Pine Brothers has been in business for 140 years that's amazing! You can buy these sore throat drops at most drugstores like CVS, Rite aid and some grocery stores such as Albertsons and Kroger. You can also buy them online on their site at www.pinebrothers.com Also please check this amazing company out on Facebook. I would definitely get your hands on some if your sick i will not go  back to the other brands i'am so glad i was able to work with pine brothers i found a new forever product! :] 


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